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Keep a fingerprint of your loved one in beautifully hand crafted pure silver - a timeless piece of perfection.


The delicate silver shapes make perfect gifts for any occasion or just a lovely, thoughtful idea with special meaning for years to come.

How we do it

An impression of a fingerprint is taken in special clay and the piece is then crafted especially for you in pure silver. Space permitting, a name can be engraved on the front and date of birth on the reverse, if desired.  

The impression of your loved one or child's fingerprint can be reused for future and multiple orders. All impressions are named and stored safely for 12 months so that you can re-order new items easily and without having to retake the fingerprint, unless you want to.


Fingerprints By Post...

To have your pure silver fingerprint jewels posted to you, we must first post a fingerprint impression clay kit to you. This is a very easy way for you to take your loved one or child's fingerprint for your chosen jewel, at home. The clay is extremely soft to the touch and completely safe to use.

Once the fingerprint is taken the clay hardens so that you can post it back to For Keeps to create your fingerprint in 99.9% pure silver, and then posted back to you in a beautiful gift box.

The clay kit is really simple to use and takes about two minutes - you can even do it when your child is sleeping!

The fingerprint impression clay kits come with full, clear instructions.


Fingerprints By Appointment...

1. You can visit the For Keeps Designer who will be able to take the impressions for you.

2. You can also arrange or host a day nursery visit or private session. Just invite your friends around and the For Keeps Designer will come along, show some of the sample pieces and explain the process.



The sentiment and emotion behind each item is a vital piece of your jewel's creation. For Keeps takes pleasure in giving customers high quality jewels created with skill and experience that comes from making jewels for numerous delighted clients.

It is very worthwhile to know that repeat business and word-of-mouth recommendations account for a high proportion of sales, as it highlights how happy our clients are with our products and customer service.

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